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Access to the sustainable technology is essential to thrive in modern communities. It is particularly important that those experiencing homelessness have access to sustainable and efficient technology, as well as access to the Internet.

At, we are dedicated to providing essential services to communities across California, empowering individuals and those in need with the ability to identify, locate, and access resources throughout California. By joining forces with CalCyber, our communities can rely on us to enable safe and reliable access to fundamental technology. Together, we are shaping a future where everyone has the opportunity to succeed through equitable digital resources.

Join us in bridging the digital divide and creating a technology-enabled society where no one is left behind. Explore and discover how we're making a difference in California.

CalCyber responds to the community need by providing resources, technical education, and training for Southern California's most vulnerable populations. To get around in today's society, one must have not only the access, but the knowledge of how to use technology, along with its dangerous. Having a reliable wireless network could be the tool that helps someone suffering in the streets to find shelter for the night, find food for the day, find medical assistance for a urgent (non-emergency) health issue, and furthermore, education and job seeking tools.  Having a basic understanding of technology could lead to employment or greater online security.

Our Mission

Welcome to, the California Cyber Alliance! Our mission is to foster education, facilitate access, and ensure secure technology usage in vital areas of modern society, including education, occupation, and personal spaces. In an ever-evolving technological landscape, we recognize that limited access can hinder individuals from thriving in today's world. 

At, we are committed to providing crucial technology infrastructure access to individuals experiencing homelessness across California, empowering them to overcome barriers and thrive. By partnering with CalCyber, our fellow non-profits serving the homeless population benefit allowing them the ability to enable secure and dependable technology resources for these underserved and most vulnerable communities. Together, we are actively working towards a future where everyone, including those facing homelessness, has equal opportunities to succeed through equitable digital access.


Join us in our mission to bridge the digital divide and create a technology-enabled society where individuals experiencing homelessness are not left behind. Explore today and witness the positive impact we're making across California.

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