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Access to the Internet should be considered a basic human right, including the technology that enables it. It is particularly important that those experiencing homelessness have Internet capabilities and the necessary tools to utilize it in order to locate job opportunities, housing applications, government benefits, and other services.

Smartphones and WiFi availability alone are not sufficient for many shelter residents. Residents experience difficulty in completing applications on handheld devices and certain websites are not fully available on mobile devices. Furthermore, smartphones offer limited options for Word processing applications needed to create resumes or complete homework assignments.

CalCyber responds to the community need by providing resources, technical education, and training for Southern California's most vulnerable populations. To get around in today's society, one must have, not only the access, but the knowledge of how to use technology. Having a reliable wireless network could lead to having somewhere to sleep at night or knowing where to find more resources. Having a basic understanding of technology could lead to employment or greater online security.

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The expansion of technology into the fabric of modern society—in education, healthcare, finance, safety, transportation, and employment —has so rapidly taken hold of our communities, that it can be virtually impossible for those with limited access to keep up. Technology is an essential utility in order to survive in today's world.


CalCyber's mission is to help educate, facilitate, and secure safe access to fundamental technology needed in the modern education, work, and personal spaces throughout California.

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