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Modern Architecture

The California Cyber Alliance knows that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. In a world that is digitally rapidly advancing and with technology becoming essential to our everyday lives, we at seek to empower those who may not have the means or access to such services or resources.


By enriching technological infrastructure that powers our fellow non-profits and community based organizations, provides expertise through design, management, and maintenance of Resilient Critical Infrastructure, enabling always on, safe and secure technology and communication. The core of our effort is to ensure access to sustainable technology, technology education, and technology security to everyone in our community as well as those who support our communities.

We accomplish this by ensuring that our fellow community based partners have the resilient architecture from the ground up. acts as the Technology Partner to our fellow non-profits by providing access to enhanced building security, resilient data protection, secure network access, and a direct line of support personnel when needed. 


Empowering our partners with direct internal operations support engineers, allows them to focus on their mission critical objectives and their impact within the community of which they serve,. Through's design and maintenance of education and occupation computer labs, training, and support initiatives,'s impact acts as an exponential multiplier towards serving our community most in need.

With your Help can provide !


Critical Infrastructure 

In order to provide the essential services and support to those within our communities that need it most, our partners within the community need resilient, secure, and efficient infrastructure capable of maintaining at capacity and beyond. specializes in infrastructure and architecture that is built to scale, mobile, integrational, and adaptable to any and all needs.


By providing turn-key solutions to our community partners we allow those who serve our communities to focus on what they do best.

Building Security and Automation

Innovative AI driven security features allowing secure access to building and critical resources.

Environmental Sensor Monitoring

Fire, Flood, Earthquake, or Break-In, its no secret that disasters happen. utilized the most advanced and innovative technologies to protect life, property, and data.

Off-Site Monitoring and Remote Protection

Keeping your records safe, and 24/7 monitoring providing the comfort and security of true protection.

Training and  Education

It is one thing to have the resources, but what if you don't know how best to utilize them? In addition to providing tools, CalCyber also offers technology training to shelter staff and residents that covers best practices around the following:

Internet Security & Safety

Learn the latest around Internet risk and how to protect yourself and your information online.

Basic Email Support

We can help train residents on how to set up an email account and how best to utilize it.

Finding Employment

We can provide employment workshops on how to effectively use technology to find gainful employment.

Teacher Assisting a Student
Digital Security System

Infrastructure Security
for Shelters

Shelters and organizations provide the one of the key necessities for basic survival— let’s take that one step further. Let’s help those shelters provide, not only necessary resources for those experiencing homelessness, but the technology and support to thrive and achieve more in a safe and secure environment. With your help CalCyber can provide:

Access and Entry Systems

Secure entry and exit systems complete with scheduling and reporting features.

Surveillance Security Systems

State of the art security cameras and systems will ensure property and personal safety. Capable of facial recognition, unusual behavior, slip and fall, as well as various enhanced AI powered features. 

Telephone (VoIP) with E911 Services

Telephone services include Enhanced 911 services that displays the telephone number and physical location of the caller to the 911 operator.

Turn - Key  Architecture

Our fellow Not for profit organizations are providing specialized services and care to those within our community that need it most. cares for their technology and the systems that allow those who service focus on the missions they know and love.  With your help CalCyber can provide:

Secure Internet

Reliable Internet access, WiFi capabilities, printing services, and more.

Hardware & Software

Desktop computers, laptops, email services, cloud storage, Word processing services and more.

Remote Support Services

24/7 support to technology assistance requests via telephone and remote access services.

Image by Daniel Josef - Mobile App

The aim of this app is to provide a single point of access to those in need to locate and identify resources within their community offering services to those in need.  Specifically designed to aid those suffering from homelessness to identify, locate, and secure shelter during at risk periods (ie.... COVID, flu season, etc...) but also to help those in need of all services being offered as public benefit to our communities. 

The purpose of our application is to help the homeless and others in need find and access the services they need to survive and thrive. Our application will enable them to locate nearby shelters, food banks, free clinics, and other resources including mental health support and abuse centers. The app will also provide information about the services offered and contact information for each resource.

Our proposed application will be designed to be user-friendly and accessible. It will be available on both Android and iOS devices, and will be free to download and use. We plan to partner with homeless shelters and other non-profits in order to ensure that the app’s information is accurate and up-to-date.

Blue Light

Computer Design and Lab Development 

Computer Lab.jpg is proud to design and install computer training labs and technology centers for use by staff and public centers for the communities with which the recipients of our support serve. Providing key access to technology and the systems and services our partners hope to offer to their communities. designs these centers, installs these systems, and services maintenance and management requests as needed. Allowing of fellow Community Partners focus on what they do best, allowing us to do what we do best. 

Your Support Makes a Difference

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