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The aim of this app is to provide a single point of access to those in need to locate and identify resources within their community offering services to those in need.  Specifically designed to aid those suffering from homelessness to identify, locate, and secure shelter during at risk periods (ie.... COVID, flu season, etc...) but also to help those in need of all services being offered as public benefit to our communities. 

The purpose of our application is to help the homeless and others in need find and access the services they need to survive and thrive. Our application will enable them to locate nearby shelters, food banks, free clinics, and other resources including mental health support and abuse centers. The app will also provide information about the services offered and contact information for each resource.

Our proposed application will be designed to be user-friendly and accessible. It will be available on both Android and iOS devices, and will be free to download and use. We plan to partner with homeless shelters and other non-profits in order to ensure that the app’s information is accurate and up-to-date.

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Computer Design and Lab Development 

Computer Lab.jpg is proud to design and install computer training labs and technology centers for use by staff and public centers for the communities with which the recipients of our support serve. Providing key access to technology and the systems and services our partners hope to offer to their communities. designs these centers, installs these systems, and services maintenance and management requests as needed. Allowing of fellow Community Partners focus on what they do best, allowing us to do what we do best. 


Computer Lab Design -Woman's Shelter Long Beach was pleased to donated staff computers and established a fully equipped computer lab for the children of the residents at this Shelter, enabling both the staff and the children to utilize technology for education, empowerment, and healing. Not only did we donate the hardware we undertook the installation of these essential machines and networking devices, ensuring a seamless and secure digital environment for both staff and residents. 

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Network Architecture -Miriam's House 

Promises Foundation's Miriam's house in Los Angeles. provided and donated the installation of network infrastructure and wireless access points covering the entire property servicing these residents. Quickly and efficiently re-wiring the entire property with network cable helping the foundation effectively communicate, coordinate, and deliver much-needed services to their beneficiaries. provided a detailed analysis of the property and grounds and was able to strategically place wireless communication devices through the property to ensure both residents and staff had the highest standard of connectivity available. 


Computer Lab Equipment - Orange County Homeless Shelter provided direct Computer Hardware donations to the Orange County Homeless Shelter for the purposes of the development of Computer Labs to be used for education and occupation training. provided the donation of 15 high technology Desktop Computers along with matching Brand New 24 Inch Lenovo Display Screens. 

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